Thief EP

by To the Fields

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A taste of what's to come...


released September 15, 2013

produced by the amazing Pat Kahn of BackBone studios.

artwork by the spectacular Dallas Conte



all rights reserved


To the Fields Toronto, Ontario

Formerly The Tricky Ones... currently on the way to more serious music.

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Track Name: Like I Want You To
I'm so tired
of this life I'm living
I'm so tired of being unforgiven

the way you looked at me
was so misleading
so I took that wrong route
and went in speeding

if I saw you down the line
would you remember me
would you remember me

Like I want you to x4

I once was young
but I guess I still am
in the scheme of things
I'm hardly a man

it's odd that you're still
on my mind
but it's sadder still
that it's nearly all the time


when I pass on by the station
I know you get on from time to time
when I pass on by the building
where we said our last
good bye

I wonder, I wonder
if you'd remember me
Track Name: Hope You Can
looking at you
I don't what to do
to try and get through
to you
to you

it's not that I try to place
myself in that headspace
I just can't take because
without knowing what the reason was
what the reason was

I can't make believe it wasn't possible
I don't believe it's the end of the road

If you can't understand
then I hope you can pretend
if you won't change your mind
then I guess it's just my time
I've been wasting

it's not that I'm illiterate
I didn't consider it
reading into what you said
it was always in the back of my head

It's hard to get the truth
when you're hanging from the noose
burning bridges on the way
there's no where left for you to stay
nowhere left to stay

I can't make believe it wasn't possible
I don't believe that it's the end of the road

Track Name: Thief

Thought it was simpler than this
but that's never how it is
how could I be so sure
how could I be so sure

You were a thief
taking what you can
but you can't take my pride
no, no, not this time

you made me think I did something wrong
but the truth is, it wasn't me all along
Life goes on
Life goes on
It goes on

I can't understand
being so sad
missing what I never
really had

you took up all my time
as if it wasn't mine
was it so hard to see
what you were doing to me?


I thought those eyes couldn't lie
but they were only making

You were a thief
taking what you can from me